Written by Mark Cross
Mixed/Mastered by Austin Linkous
Drums by Luc Frankel
Bass by Torrance Klein
Vocals/Guitars by Mark Cross


Well I remember like the first time
We were driving to the city reminiscing how it used to be
And how it never really made any sense
It's marvelous
Can't you feel it in your control?
It's growing old and tired
Of waiting
Around while you were having fun

You were young
Took your chance and turned the other way
Why don't you step on the line if it feels right?
You're starting again

I guess I thought it'd make a difference
I guess it never really made any sense
See I could never let me mind get the best of me
Can't talk my tongues tied
Poke my eyes out and now I'm blind
I'm still waiting around while you were coming down

Can you face 'em now?
Take your chance and turn the other way
Now that you step on the line
Because it feels right
You're starting again